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Glenn Kirkpatrick COM_102FRJ CHAPTER 1 1. Personally I do not support Global Americanization. Think about have u ever been bored with your culture thinking that you need a break and go experience something different. I know I have. If the world was “Americanized” everybody would be lost. It would take years if not decades for the world to adjust. 2. I agree with both views. My family and I don’t get along at the best of times and when we do get along, everybody is happy feedback is at a high. But when we are not getting along at first the feedback is horrible. Then the feedback ceases to exist, because we stop all communication. 3. There is a show that runs late at nights called Adult Swim on Channel 24. Master Shake demonstrates Superior Interpersonal Competence along with Meatwad.
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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Weird along with MC Pee Pants demonstrate obvious Interpersonal Competence. 4. CONVERSATION 1: Judy is annoyed that Paul didn’t tell her that we had already made plans. Thus Judy has nothing to do tonight because Judy thought that Paul and her were going to do something. If Paul had just told Judy of his plans ahead of time, all this conflict could have been avoided. CONVERSATION 2: Now that Paul has asked permission from Judy to go to the bowling seminar, she hasn’t felt “blown” off and is able to cope with the idea of Paul Bowling. She then asks Paul if they can go out to eat later. He says sure. Here is a pure example of compromising and exchanging ideas without getting into any conflict....
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