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Glenn Kirkpatrick COM_102FRJ CHAPTER 2 1. I believe that if you think that you can run for president and hold the office for a period of fours, and do a good job. Then you are qualified to run for President. But the whole “running process” is a whole different view. During the election you are bound to run across people that won’t vote for you because you aren’t a natural born citizen. So there are going to be several problems that you are going to run across when running for the office. 2. I believe that no culture is above or below any other culture, we are all equal. 3. I believe that if you find someone that has all the qualities that you desire in a spouse, then you would have to love him/her. I mean how can you not love someone that is
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Unformatted text preview: perfect in your opinion. Culture plays a definite role in this view. If your perfect person is of American descent then you’re not going to marry a person with a Nigerian descent. 4. During my four years of high school a lot of people that were in relationships were having sexual relationships. That’s just what my high school culture was about. I have was raised in a family that if you had a question about any thing than you could come and ask it without being “blown off.” So I believe that you should wait until marriage to have a sexual relationship. Of course the thought is going to cross your mind while your in a relationship, but I believe that you can refrain from doing it until your married....
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