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GLENN KIRKPATRICK COM-102 MONDAYS CHAPTER 3 1. When you are talking/looking down and comparing yourself to them. You are only benefiting yourself and not seeing where you can improve yourself. Also if the recipient of these messages knows that your are doing this they may feel hurt. When you are talking up to someone you can see where you can improve yourself. Also if the recipient of these messages knows this then they might feel better or have a better attitude towards you. 2. Self-esteem is really important to your health. All those people that have low self esteem and don’t have anyone that they can go talk to about their issues. Can watch these shows or go these camps to better themselves. So yes I would have included this topic in
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Unformatted text preview: this text. 3. My heroes are my parents and only my parents. Nobody else knows me the way that they do, and I can go talk to them about anything. No they don’t call attention to themselves, they are not like that. My parents are both “high communication apprehensives.” 4. Yes men and women disclose differently. Being a man I find that if you were to be there and show emotional support to woman when they “need” you to be there, than you would be showing a femine characteristic. That’s why whenever women are hurt or need someone to talk to they go to other women, because they can relate to them on a level that men can’t. Men are supposed to strong, macho, and not let anything get to us....
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