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GLENN KIRKPATRICK COM-102FRJ_20073 CHAPTER 4 QUESTIONS 1. I think find this view to be true based upon my own experiences. One of my friends is into working out/body building. When I first met him I thought that he had no life based upon the way the he looked and his muscles. I later learned that I was completely wrong and felt horrible. 2. If I knew someone that had communication apprehension and needed to speak up with greater confidence. I would tell that person that if they spook up more then everybody would understand where he/she is coming from and that any problems that they are currently facing just might go away. If someone was reluctant in self-disclosing, I would get to know that person a lot then I might jump in and ask them about their inner selves.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Yes I do find that people blame external sources when talking about their problems with me. It’s just human nature; we don’t like to take ownership for problems that we caused. No I don’t respond unless they ask me what I think about it. A lot of the time’s they just need someone to talk to, so I just listen. 4. I think that women have two stereotypes about men, the a-holes and the nice ones. I’m not a woman so I can’t accurately tell you what they think about men. I only have to stereotypes towards women, and they are the same ones I just listed. They’re either a-holes or their nice. I don’t have biases towards women, because if I’m wrong then I feel horrible...
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