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CHAPTER 6 - certain races genders and groups I am in favor...

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GLENN KIRKPATRICK CHAPTER 6 QUESTIONS 1. To tell you the truth I would not no what to do. My first instinct would to not scratch them out because it would be degrading, but I have already scratched out all the other eyes from people I do not know. I think I would be using intensional because she would be labeled as my mother. 2. I would ask him how he would feel if I called him a boy instead of a man. If he really means that a restriction of free speech is such a greater wrong than being culturally insensitive then he wouldn’t mind me calling him a boy. If he argued back then I would continue the argument and bring up that he is going against what he just said and that he is being a hypocrite. 3. My internet isn’t working at this moment, if you would like me to answer this question and email it to you when my internet is working I wouldn’t mind doing that. But I am sure that campus’ have certain hate speech codes that ban discriminating against
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Unformatted text preview: certain races, genders, and groups. I am in favor of such codes because, personally I would not like to be walking down a hall and be discriminated because of what I am wearing, what group I am involved in, or what race or gender I am. I am pretty certain that I am not the only one that is in favor of such codes. I would put it simple, don’t say anything to any one that you wouldn’t want to be said to you. 4. This question was particularly difficult for me. I came up with officers that think they are above the law, but they don’t necessarily discriminate against poor people, but they can. That example would be on an individual level. On an institutional level would be a manager or an executive discriminating against people that have lower positions than he does. Hopefully that would never happen, because he/she would have morals, but I may be wrong....
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CHAPTER 6 - certain races genders and groups I am in favor...

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