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GLENN KIRKPATRICK COM-102 WEDNESDAYS Chapter 7 Questions 1. To be a lawyer or an attorney you have to come up with a variety of tactics. Some of them may not be appropriate. You may have to protrude into someone’s personal life to get the answer that you are wanting. This tactic does not surprise me at all; I actually think it is very cunning and wise. 2. The Pygmalion Effect is all psychological. Last year for my friend’s birthday I bought him a $10 Starbucks card, because he is obsessed with that company. We were particularly bored at that moment, so I was trying to suggest that we go there. I really
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Unformatted text preview: don’t think that someone has given me a gift with a reason or meaning behind it that suggests it to have the Pygmalion Effect. I might have received one but I don’t think that I have. 3. I’d say it would be about an 8. I think that to a degree men are more concerned with physical appearance than women are with their personality. Men are not the only ones that go to the gym and work out, women do it to. 4. I believe its all about how men look at the content of the messages and women value the emotions that come along with the message....
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