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Murray 1 Kristin Murray Prof. Watkins English 1020 15 April 2008 No Child Left Behind Taking a bird’s eye view of today’s society it is appropriate to say that our country is not the most educated. My high school graduating class consensus was 410 senior students. The class started out with 519 all of those that were missing were removed in a variety of ways, including home schooling. What is causing this dramatic change over a course of four school years? This occurrence seems to be happening all across the nation spreading like a virus with no cure. The main goal is to educate every incoming student in the best way possible? However, this goal will never truly be accomplished unless every last child receives sufficient education. So then, why is home schooling still allowed in a delicate society where each student is needed? “California, which in 1980 spent roughly four dollars for every dollar spent on jails, today matches every education dollar with a prison dollar. Yet nearly 85 percent of the prison population [is] school dropouts, and it costs three or four as much times to keep the young in prison as it does in school” (McMannon 21). The students that are spending their time in jail are those that are unaccustomed to the Democracy running the US and are the examples of a failing attempt to educate every young person thoroughly. “… All must attend school in order that a free society may function” (34). This causes a universal demand for behavior that cannot be taught in a home schooling setting. Everyone of a certain age must be in a school building. In order to survive as a nation a single issue such as this must be understood by each growing individual.
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Murray 2 Home schooled students are never truly prepared for college where Democracy is a garden being weeded by those who cannot endure such social equality (McMannon 41). When a person is home schooled they are not exposed to the ‘real world’ in a socially acceptable way. Some one, whom I consider a close friend of mine, was home schooled, is now struggling in a college and is having trouble participating in large groups; having difficulty conversing in an everyday setting. “Democracy cannot be sustained if its members do not connect with one another in productive ways” (42). This being said, it is easier to understand how a home schooled student could not fully live under our society’s norm without confusion or a complete comprehension for the need of a nation savvy of the need for Democracy. At this time of our history each person must learn flexibly and effectively to succeed in a fast-changing world (McMannon 43). This means that each student must equally learn as much as the student next to them. Teachers are then required to enable diverse learners to expand their knowledge and develop their talents in powerful ways. But, to have a home schooled student try to accomplish this advanced idea after their schooling is finished is beyond them because they are used to focusing on learning at their own pace instead of that of an expanding society. So,
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FinalEssayCompilation - Murray 1 Kristin Murray Prof...

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