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Situational Analysis 6 - • Unable to experiment with the...

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ENV 1301-02 19 October 2007 Title: Global Warming Delusions Summary: Global Warming is dramatically affecting all life forms on our planet. In the first 2.5 million years a very small number of species went extinct, yet since the Industrial Revolution global warming has increased substantially which can be linked to an increase in species becoming extinct. Diseases have also increased over time due to temperature changes. The key point of the article emphasizes that living things respond to many factors in addition to temperature changes. Issues: Damaging the natural environment of numerous species of plants and animals
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Unformatted text preview: • Unable to experiment with the extinct plants and animals for future medicinal cures • Hidden services fail to continue as productively • “Carbon waste accumulates as food sources dwindle” Questions: • How can this problem be quickly and efficiently resolved? • What measures can we as citizens take to minimize the effects of global warming in our area? • How does this affect the ozone layer? • This is happening thousands of miles away; is it still important for America to take notice? • Why are environmentalists clearly overlooking the dwindling of certain species?...
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