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Situational Analysis 2 - Issues • Billions of plastic...

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ENV 1301-02 7 September, 2007 Title: Message in the Drink Bottle: Recycle Summary: With the rate of consumption for bottled water significantly rising, many activists are attacking the companies producing the millions of plastic bottles. The U.S. Conference of Mayors is calling for research to determine the impact of the waste on the environment. In response, multiple companies are developing recycling plants to help refine and reuse some of the plastic used in the product. Coca-Cola, being the largest distributor of bottled products in the world, is leading this recycling movement by creating plants in Australia, Austria, Mexico, Philippines, and Switzerland that can recycle over two billion bottles per year.
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Unformatted text preview: Issues: • Billions of plastic bottles are building up, eventually disrupting the environment. • Resources must be used to create new plastic bottles, while the material used before could be recycled. • Countries could be exploited in the foreign recycling process. Questions: • Bottles have been around for many years; why has it taken so long for companies to take action? • What measures can we, as consumers, take to minimize the damage being caused? • Could this be affecting the ozone layer? • What alternatives could be used in place of plastics that are more environmentally safe?...
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