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Situational Analysis 1 - Issues: • Natural mercury still...

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ENV 1301-02 31 August, 2007 Title: Fish Mercury Linked to Atmospheric Levels Summary: For the first time in history, North American Scientists have shown the change in mercury levels in fish is directly related to the chemical’s atmospheric disposition. Using an experiment which adds stable mercury isotopes to an ecosystem the scientists were able to pinpoint the effects of changing atmospheric mercury deposition. The experiment proved useful in differentiating the stable versus the natural mercury levels within an ecosystem
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Unformatted text preview: Issues: • Natural mercury still being uncontrollable • • Questions: • How can this problem be quickly resolved? • What measures can we as citizens take to prevent this from happening elsewhere, or if unpreventable, how can we step up to minimize the damage caused? • How does this affect the ozone layer? • This is happening thousands of miles away; is it still important for America to take notice? • Is it affecting America?...
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