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Biosphere II - What role did the roaches play in the...

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Dr. Lehr ENV 1301-02 Film Notes Relation to Biosphere II Provide a summary of the film. Biosphere II is a documentary on the creation and experimentation of a manmade ecosystem. It houses four different biomes and was created to develop a further understanding of ecology. What was the purpose of the experiment? There were multiple purposes in the experiment. The main focus was dedicated to understanding ecology on a greater level, but also to see what species of plants and animals can make it in a perfectly secluded environment. Identify the biomes included inside the dome. Savanna Swamp Desert Rainforest What was the nature of the problem the scientists faced? The scientists faced many problems over the two year course, such as the cloudy winters, lack of oxygen, and high carbon count do to the massive amount of concrete in the dome. What caused the problem? The carbon was caused by the concrete, clouds by nature, and the lack of oxygen was caused by the lack of sunlight the glass allowed through for photosynthesis.
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Unformatted text preview: What role did the roaches play in the biosphere? Pollunators and caused many other species to go extinct. Describe the situation with the ants. The ants quickly took over the biosphere compared to the other insects. Eventually they started making their way in and out of the dome, hurting the cause of the experiment. What caused the carbon dioxide levels to increase? The massive amount of concrete used to build the biosphere. How was the problem resolved? By tripling the rainfall in the desert and taking 4 tons of wood from the desert a year. Describe the problem in terms of biogeochemical recycling. How did concrete relate to the carbon sinks in the real world? Concrete is just one of millions of substances used in Earth’s biosphere. Every element must maintain proper balance or, on a much larger and slower scale, the entire planet could result in the same fate as the experiment....
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Biosphere II - What role did the roaches play in the...

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