Situational Analysis 4

Situational Analysis 4 - an insufficient water supply....

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ENV 1301-02 28 September 2007 Title: How Ethanol is Making the Farm Belt Thirsty Summary: Ethanol is quickly drying up high corn-producing states. Water cop Mike Clements studies the fast-growing invasive phragmites that slows the flow of the river. As ethanol plants are becoming more numerous in southern Nebraska, water restrictions are continue to increase, enforcing the toughest rules in the state. Ethanol plants absorb three gallons of water for every gallon of ethanol produced. An average size (50 million gallon) plant uses up to 150 million gallons to make fuel. Eventually, the water wells on the Republican River will dwindle and leave
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Unformatted text preview: an insufficient water supply. Issues: • Damaging the natural environment of numerous species of plants and animals • Unsustainable use of freshwater • Phragmites slowing the flow of the river • Insufficient water in the event of a drought Questions: • How can this problem be quickly and efficiently resolved? • This is happening up to thousands of miles away; is it still important for everyone to take notice? • Is three gallons of ethanol fuel a reasonable cost for one gallon of ethanol? • How is the environment reflecting to the unnaturally fast consumption of the underground water?...
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