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Situational Analysis 3

Situational Analysis 3 - same productive rate in an...

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ENV 1301-02 21 September 2007 Title: Global Warming Masks Threat to Biodiversity Summary: As environmentalists are being distracted by the increasing threats of global warming, the problem of species extinction continues relatively unnoticed. Researchers believe that species extinction is the primary problem in the environment, comparing global warming as a secondary worry. Humans are responsible for nearly 30,000 extinctions each year. Healthy ecosystems require a balance of producers, consumers, and decomposers to achieve natural sustainability within an environment. With so many species of plants and animals disappearing, many “hidden services”, such as waste disposal and oxygen production, fail to continue with the
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Unformatted text preview: same productive rate in an ecosystem. Issues: • Damaging the natural environment of numerous species of plants and animals • Unable to experiment with the extinct plants and animals for future medicinal cures • Hidden services fail to continue as productively • “Carbon waste accumulates as food sources dwindle” Questions: • How can this problem be quickly and efficiently resolved? • What measures can we as citizens take to minimize the effects of global warming in our area? • How does this affect the ozone layer? • This is happening thousands of miles away; is it still important for America to take notice? • Why are environmentalists clearly overlooking the dwindling of certain species?...
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