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Asia Religion Study guide to Buddhism 1. Buddha: lit. The Enlightened One. also, Thatagata (who has thus come) He has achieved highest state, tranquil, ageless and deathless, has reached full enlightenment. It has to be a man; it takes hundreds of previous lives to perfect the spiritual potential and ‘mind of enlightenment (bodhi)’. Has ability to free people from suffering through intellectual power of insight. Has 32 marks of a superman and eighty subsidiary characteristics. 2. Bodhisattva: has taken vow to become enlightened, certain to become a Buddha. Over many lives perfects his inner nature through law of karma. Mahayana encourages everyone to take the vow. Sakyamuni’s Bodhisattvas were Vessantara, Megha, etc. 5 advantages: no more reborn in states of woe, always male, never low class families, well built, remembers past lives. Seen as savior figures in Mahayana Buddhism, forgo Nirvana to help others 3. Arhat: “Worthy ones” or “saints”. A status obtained by joining the Samgha. Mahayana Buddhism criticizes this ideal since it is supposed to be self centered. Arhat only interested in own liberation. In contrast, bodhisattvas are more dedicated to share their merit and help other being to salvation. 4. Queen Maya: mother of Siddhartha Gautima, naps when a spiritual being in form of white elephant enters through side. She goes to heaven when she hears prediction about son 5. Dipamkara: Under him, Sakyamuni decides to become a Buddha. Is a previous Buddha, recognizes how ready Megha is to turn towards enlightenment. 6. Nirvana: Final and definitive enlightenment. End of suffering once and for all, puts out greed, hatred and delusion. Ultimate goal of a Buddhist. No more suffering (duhka) and no more samsara (cycle of rebirths). State of deathlessness. Achieved through Noble Eightfold Path (Middle Way) to end Suffering. Parinirvana: complete ending of rebirth, perfection of happiness. Nirvana without
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Studyguide_Buddhism - Asia Religion Study guide to Buddhism...

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