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Health study guide - Health in a changing society Chapter 1...

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Health in a changing society: Chapter 1: The Health Belief Model was developed to understand why people failed to take advantage of accessible disease prevention programs Health behaviors are influenced by 3 classes of factors Health Concerns Perceived Threat Perceived benefits and perceived barriers Health behavior change is seen as a transitional process that occurs in a 5 stage cycle: Precontemplation Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance A 6th stage called termination occurs for some types of health behavior change The Transtheoretical Model is model is based on 4 core constructs: Stages of Change Decision Balance Self-efficacy Situational temptation Decisions are based on the relative importance (pro) or unimportance (con) of the behavior change Pro more evident in later stages, con in earlier stages Self-efficacy: Considered an internal state in which the person feels competent to perform a specific task A sense of belief must accompany the participant in order for change to occur The person must believe that the benefits of change are of sufficient importance to balance the costs Situational temptation occurs at each stage of change and decreases as the person moves from the early to later stages of change triggers are: Experiencing negative emotions, parties Strategies for Health Behavior Change Readiness to Change Developing Self-efficacy Currently, Healthy People 2010 (program by US government) sets two broad goals: Helping individuals of all ages increase life expectancy and quality of life Eliminate health disparities among different segments of the population
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Chapter 4: Spirituality: Finding Meaning in Life and Death Involves a personal belief system or value system which gives meaning to life May include a belief in a higher power or being, expressed through a religious system How to Maintain Connectedness Being responsible for yourself and taking charge of your life A value system consists of a set of guidelines for how you should live your life Spiritually connected people stay healthier and live longer than those who don’t have this connection
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Health study guide - Health in a changing society Chapter 1...

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