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Creation Myths - Gabriel Rotman Feb 18 2007 REL 2011...

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Gabriel Rotman Feb. 18, 2007 REL 2011 Creation Myths Throughout different cultures and different ways of growing up we experience some sort of educational experience relating to how life was created. I, myself, remember hearing my parent’s version of Adam and Eve and how the Earth was created when I was just a little boy. As you get older you begin to realize that these stories are old legends that are perceived, skewed, or interpreted in many different ways. These stories are known as creation myths. For centuries these stories have been used to help people of different cultures understand their place in life. Sometimes it even gives them a purpose to live by, but in many cases it acts as a way to improve your life morally, spiritually, or maybe even intellectually. Some people call it enlightenment. A lot of these teachings are usually portrayed through symbolism and are left to an interpretation of the reader. Usually this is why many of the creation myths are so different in the distant amount of cultures we have today. After reading four different creation myths I was able to come up with a wide variety of similarities and differences. I began by reading the Chinese creation and flood myth by the Miao People. I had an easy time comparing it to the Maori creation myth. Most creation myths have a supreme being, known as the creator and both these creation myths portray this idea. One of the concepts these two creation myths shared in similarity was how the people were created. In the Chinese creation and flood myth by the Miao People the main character, A-Zie, is created out of no where, but in reality it is him who repopulates the world, not
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Ziene, the Heavenly King. There is no real description of how the men are created except for this excerpt from their creation myth, “Stories made man and demons, Made men and demons, Made male and made female.” It is very similar in the Maori creation myth because of use of Io as the supreme god creating these lesser gods, Sky Father and Earth Mother; also known as the main characters in the creation of the man and woman. The
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Creation Myths - Gabriel Rotman Feb 18 2007 REL 2011...

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