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Gabriel Rotman Mar. 12, 2007 REL 2011 Site Review: Mosque and Buddhist Temple On a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon, my friend and I woke up and set out to experience two different religious sites we had never encountered before. We chose to visit both a mosque and a Buddhist temple. I was extremely excited for both. The truth is I’ve never really looked into how a monk or Muslim lives their lives, until now. It was quite the experience, but I enjoyed every bit of it. This assignment helped me realized two different denominations than my own. As we approached the mosque we actually didn’t know where to look for it. It had no signs, nor any type of advertisement. We actually drove by it before we realized where it was. The mosque laid smack dab in the middle of a rural community. It was somewhat big, but you couldn’t really tell if it was a mosque just by looking at it. We drove by it again, and noticed all the taxi cabs outside and concluded that it would have been too bizarre for it to just be a house if so many people who lived there owned taxi cabs. We parked the car and we saw a man washing his feet, legs, hands, arms, and so on. I actually did not participate in this ritual, but it pretty much gave us the reassurance that the place was indeed the mosque. Slowly walking towards the front door the man had finished washing himself. He signaled me to go with him, but before walking in through the front door, my friend and I had to remove our shoes and put them in some shelves located right outside. As we walked in, we were instructed to sit in these chairs set by the corner of the room. As we waited for them to begin their prayers I looked around and notice a lot of different things than I noticed in the Buddhist Temple. One of the more distinct details
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was the green bordering that was painted on the walls all around the mosque. The floors were striped in two different colors so as to show the correct space between the Muslims while they are praying. As more and more men came in they amassed to a small number of maybe eight or nine men. One of those men was the Imam. The Imam walked in and
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Site Review - Gabriel Rotman Mar 12 2007 REL 2011 Site...

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