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Essay 3 - Mary Seacole

Essay 3 - Mary Seacole - Gabriel Rotman EUH 2030/11/06 Like...

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Gabriel Rotman EUH 2030 Section 02 10/11/06 Like stories told by an old grandfather or moments pictured in an antique photo album, wars were depicted to make people understand the outcomes of these tragedies. Survivors have a tendency to tell their stories because of the magnitude of an experience they carry on within themselves. A day in war is like a day in hell and Jakob Walter’s Diary is a pretty good explanation of this analogy. Comparatively, so is Mary Seacole’s Adventures . They’re alike in many ways, but unlike in so few. In this paper, there will be an explanation of how similar and different these two works, the Diary by Jakob Walter and Adventures by Mary Seacole, are as war memoirs in correspondence to each writer’s account of each one’s life. Conscription was the answer to why Jakob Walter was enlisted in the army. Fortunately, it allowed him to come up with a very interesting story that in the end taught many of his own family and folk about the horrifying events that occurred during the campaigns he fought in under Napoleon’s rule. This is one of the defining reasons why both Walter’s story and Seacole’s story begin differently. Seacole, she went into war to help people. She was very eager to be on the frontlines of warfare because she felt it was the best place to find people who need her help. This experience ended up allowing her to write her tales and life so that she could win public opinion unlike Walter, where as his purpose was to explain his tales to his family. Her experiences were filled with travels all
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