Essay 4 - Baden-Powell Scouting for Boys

Essay 4 - Baden-Powell Scouting for Boys - Gabriel Rotman...

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Gabriel Rotman EUH 2030 Section 02 11/01/06 Back in 1907 when Baden-Powell held the first Scouting encampment he only knew of what to do with it from his own experiences. He lived in South Africa and was a commander in the British Army. Luckily, these experiences catalyzed the new concept of young heroes. He used kids in the Boer War as messengers so that military soldiers wouldn’t be caught up with such an easy job and would be able to fight the war they needed to fight. When this voluntary position started becoming largely craved by many of the young children around the world, scouting began having better training and bigger cadet corps. Baden-Powell’s Scouting for Boys explains almost every method and tactic needed to succeed as a boy scout. The statement, “ Scouting for Boys is not simply a manual for scouting, but an instruction book for empire,” clearly dictates the fact that scouting can be used for so much more in a person’s life. Ideally, it teaches you the virtues that men should have and that the goals you seek should be easily obtained if the correct path to achieving them is made. In theory, to understand how Scouting for Boys teaches us how to not only rule ourselves but those around us you have to consider the origins of scouting, the sources of information used by Baden-Powell, the virtues that scouting sought to cultivate, and the ultimate goals to which it aspired. In reality, the origin of scouting was back in the Boer War, when Baden-Powell
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Essay 4 - Baden-Powell Scouting for Boys - Gabriel Rotman...

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