Essay 2 - Napoleon Bonaparte

Essay 2 - Napoleon Bonaparte - Benjamin Franklins life is...

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Benjamin Franklin’s life is the essential rags to riches story. He lived a poor life while living in Boston, but it didn’t make a difference in his later life unlike Jakob Walter. Walter was nothing but a pawn in Napoleon’s army at the time he was conscripted into his army. He was young and didn’t know about anything that was going to be happening in his future as a Napoleonic foot soldier. Walter was fighting another man’s war, but wanted to show the world, and primarily his family what he was going through not only to depict the horrifying acts committed by himself and the people around him, but to teach them and others about how much a common man with a common education can see and go through if given the right motivation and chances as he was given. Both Franklin and Walter’s story are true stories based on their own lives and events that they had to struggle and/or strive through. As their stories progressed, their intentions in telling their story almost always stayed constant. Franklin’s Autobiography and Walter’s Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier have very similar themes and ideals, but the challenges, context, and actual environment lack in comparison, in which can easily be compared and contrasted. Franklin’s Autobiography depicted his life through the beginning to the end and even after. As for Walter’s Diary, it illustrated his life throughout the years he was a Napoleonic foot soldier, but the story was only about his time in the war. In order to understand the actual premise of these stories, the intentions for writing them must be understood. Franklin’s Autobiography was written to show people about life’s achievements. This is normally why people write autobiographies in the beginning, but the truth is though that Franklin didn’t
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Essay 2 - Napoleon Bonaparte - Benjamin Franklins life is...

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