Essay 1 - Benjamin Franklin

Essay 1 - Benjamin Franklin - Gabriel Rotman 1677107...

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Gabriel Rotman 1677107 Traveling through the Enlightenment Back in the 1700’s travel was an opportunity given only to certain men of a definite caliber. There are so many things interlocked with the term travel that every one of these terms means so much to our world’s economy. For example, tourism, trade, commuting, migration, and pilgrimages have all been defining reasons as to why our world has turned into what it has today. People like Benjamin Franklin used travel in a way to reach new standards. New standards that would change our world completely and make the United States what it has turned into currently. We take for granted his successions, but we all know whom the man is. Franklin’s ideas, opportunities, and commodities landed us this great chance to actually talk about him and the way he set out his goals by traveling in the eighteenth-century life, which is very much like two other men; who are Thomas Mun and François-Marie Arouet or as we know him, Voltaire. As one of the greatest reasons to travel, trade became Thomas Mun’s largest worry in the time of comparative advantages. Thomas Mun became one of the most notable early mercantilists that England ever gave birth to. He came up with the twelve guidelines for a perfect merchant and had ideals on expanding foreign trade. He believed from experience in traveling in Italy and other places around Europe and England that in
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Essay 1 - Benjamin Franklin - Gabriel Rotman 1677107...

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