Midterm 2 - 1 NAME (last, first): UTEID: C C 303 (33087)...

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1 NAME (last, first): UTEID: C C 303 (33087) INTRO TO CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY, Fall 2007 SECOND MIDTERM EXAMINATION All questions are worth one point. The maximum score is 60 points. Section A: short answers. Please give your answers in the spaces provided on this question paper. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions 1–6 refer to the following image. 1. Name figure A. 2. Name figure B. 3. Name figure C. 4. Name figure D. 5. Name figure E. 6. Name the location where this event took place. 7. What is the name of Pan’s father, according to the Homeric Hymn? 8. In the course of Oedipus the King , a man arrives unexpectedly, looking for Oedipus. What news does he bring? 9. What has this man had to do with Oedipus before? 10. What is the name of the creature whose riddle Oedipus solves?
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Questions 11–13 refer to the following image. 11. Name the male holding a sword. 12. Name the other male in the picture. 13. In which important respect does Aeschylus’ account of this event differ? Questions 14 and 15 refer to the following image. 14. Name the male in this picture. 15. Where is the scene set? 16. To what fate is Antigone sentenced in the play that bears her name? 17. Name the character who has a speaking part in both Bacchae and Antigone . 18. Which crucial fact about Polyphemus does Homer omit to mention? Questions 19 and 20 refer to the following passage: ‘Has there ever been anyone smitten by more cruel a love? Tell me, O trees, for you know since you have provided opportune haunts for countless lovers. In the length of your years, in the many ages you have lived, can you remember anyone who has wasted away like me? I behold my beloved, but what I see and love I cannot have; such is the frustration of my unrequited passion. And I am all the more wretched because it is not a vast sea or lengthy road or impregnable fortress that separates us. Only a little water keeps us from each other. My beloved desires to be held, for each time that I bend down to kiss the limpid waters, he in return strains upward with his eager lips.’ 19. Name the speaker. 20. Why was he or she cursed according to
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Midterm 2 - 1 NAME (last, first): UTEID: C C 303 (33087)...

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