Theology Midterm Essays

Theology Midterm Essays - Theology Midterm Essays...

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Unformatted text preview: Theology Midterm Essays 07/10/2007 18:28:00 1. Canonical Reading v critical Reading Canonical Reading the bible as the word of god o relevant and true Lit/fact or Poetic/symbolic Important and profound Self consistant Conform with teachings of the church Text is inspired spirit guided the writers Critical Literary rather than religious o Look for text type and use criticism appropriate to genre o Look at context each book was written in Bible is socially and historically distant from us Asks what personal/political interests may have shaped text o Looks for meaning rather than truth according to church teachings o History of the text to explain inconsistencies Literary + oral traditions preceded the final form source criticism o No assumption of divine intervention o Deconstructive Reading Focus on difficulties Looks for inconsistencies Critique of final answers Bible says and unsays Better Understand Genesis 1+2 o Canonical shows the creation of the world by god by using two different metaphorical accounts of creation Used to show god as both a King and a Artist gods closeness Speak and shape creation The different stores show different sides of god shows that god can be anthropomorphic god has human characteristics god changes his mind Gen 2:18 shows god is wise but not successful at first He is capable of changing his mind Gen 2:20-21 Powerful the let there be s Critical o Asserts that these are two separate creation traditions...
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Theology Midterm Essays - Theology Midterm Essays...

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