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Biblical Places Regions 1. Galilee – Next to Sea of Galilee on left 2. Samaria – South of Galilee (northern Israel) 3. Judea – South of Samaria (southern Israel) 4. Decapolis – Extending from between dead sea and sea of Galilee to right 5. Perea – extends from dead sea up Jordan river in between Samaria and Decapolis Cities 1. Bethlehem – south of Jerusalem 2. Jerusalem – left of dead sea even with top 3. Jericho – North of dead sea left of Jordan River 4. Samaria (sabaste) – Center of Samaria halfway up Jordan river 5. Caesarea – On Samarian coast 6. Nazareth – southern Galilee
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Capernaum – Northern tip of sea of Galilee 8. Caesarea Philippi – North of Galilee to the right 9. Damascus – northeast of Caesarea Philippi 10. Antioch – Above Israel near coast in Syria, point of Cyprus points to it 11. Tarsus – Northwest of Antioch on other side of bay 12. Colossae – east of Ephesus in turkey 13. Ephesus – in turkey on coast midway 14. Philippi – 15. Thessalonica - in Macedonia on eastern coast 16. Corinth – eastern side of lower part of Greece 17. Rome – middle of Italy...
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