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Senatus Consultum de Bacchanalibus (186 B.C.) Found preserved on a bronze tablet found in south Italy. The senate did not ban the cult entirely, but regulated the cult's organization and activities. ...(2) Consulting the Bacchic shrines they decreed that the following proclamation be issued to those who were bound to Rome by treaty: "None of them shall seek to have a Bacchic shrine. But if there are some who say it is essential for them to have a Bacchic shrine, they should appear before the urban praetor (magistrate responsible for the administration of justice) in Rome, and ou senate, when it has heard their case, should pass a decree on this matter, so long as not less than one hundred senators are present when the matter is considered. No man, be he Roman citizen, of Latin states (privileged allies of Rome) or one of the allies, shall seek to be present among the female Bacchants, unless presented to the urban praetor and he gives permission with a senatorial decree, so long as not less than one hundred senators are present when ther matter is considered. Decided.
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