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Neuroscience Review Tolerance includes generalization. Compensatory effect. MAO- mono amine oxidase. Breakdown of mono amines (like dopamine). You  would want to inhibit those enzymes. Greater breakdown, more of the enzyme intracranial self stimulation (ICSS) mesotelencephalic dopamine system- mid brain where dopamine is. Pleasure  pathway. VTA and substantia nigra. Nucleus subccumbens embolism vs. thrombosis embolism- moves throughout the body and can clot other parts of the body
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Unformatted text preview: thrombosis- stays in one spot and clots that particular spot. ← ← Ionotropic- ion channel that is fast acting but effects are short lasting. ← Metabotropic- G-protein (2 nd messenger) binds to site, g protein will detach and do something else (opening an ion channel or engaging an enzyme) ← ← at resting level (-70mv) sodium levels have an enormous amount of pressure pushing into the cell. ← NaK pump 3:2 ← ← glutamate cascade- lack of O2 (anoxia)...
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