WP4 - Community Defined by Students A mass of people...

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Community Defined by Students A mass of people congregate at a certain location, a university to advance their learning. What draws this mass of people the university besides knowledge? A place where there a sense of belonging, a place where different ideas are accepted, they came to the University for family like connection, a community. Texas A&M is a University that stands together in the past, in the present and in the future. Texas A&M is community, all the traditions, service to the surrounding area and the Aggie network. Nathan defines community as group of people that helps each other with whatever the task or problem might be within the community. A close group of people drawn together by the same goal or purpose who help each other reach those goals or purposes. Nathan talks about a community of peers; whether it is a class study group, an intramural sports team or some “residence hall or club programs” (Nathan 136). In these organizations students form their own community, ones which have similar interests. These groups are sub communities to the community of the University. These communities offer diversity and a way to get to meet and greet new people from different backgrounds. Much is the same here on the campus of Texas A&M. There are numerous residence dorms around the campus, located at different regions like “Northgate” (Kimbell) and Southgate which in their own sense is another community. Bonfire when it use to burn on campus offered something for everyone to get involved and bond together. Working on cutting down the trees and hauling them, was all done as a group, your close
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WP4 - Community Defined by Students A mass of people...

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