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crime and punishment study guide - Important Facts About...

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Important Facts About the Plot of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Part One: - goes to visit the pawnbroker for the first time - the pawnbrokers house is 730 paces away from his apartment - Raskolnikov goes to the bar and meets Marmeladov - Katerina is from a higher class and has three children - Marmeladov has been away for 5 days - goes to their house and gives them some money - the landlady has called the police on Raskolnikov because he has not paid his rent - he gets a letter from his mother saying that Dunya is getting married - the story takes place in St. Petersburg - right off the bat Raskolnikov thinks that Luzhin is a bad person because he is making his family travel in a peasant's cart and travel in third class accomadations on the train - he sees a 15 year old drunk girl, he gives 20 kopecks for a cab - decides to see Razumihikn but then changes his mind and says that he will visit him after the murder - has the dream about Mikolka and the horse - as he's walking through the Hay Market he overhears someone talking to Lizaveta and finds out that the old woman will be home alone - Lizaveta acts as the go-between for impoverished families who wish to sell their goods -the pawnbroker has a 5 to 7 percent interest rate(really high) - Raskolnikov sews a noose into his coat - he steals an axe from the porter - the pledge that he brings to the murder scene is the silver cigarette case - the pawnbroker wears two crosses around her neck - one of cypress wood and one of copper Part Two: - he tries to hide the things in a hole in his room - he is afraid since he is wearing bloody socks - he gets called to the police station, but only because of the rent - he faints in the police station - he eventually hides the things under a rock - he goes to visit Razumihkin but eventually leaves - he is almost run over by a coach - he dreams that Ilya Petrovich is beating his landlady - his mother sends him 35 rubles - dr. zossimov comes to see him - Razumihkin uses the money to buy him some new clothing - Razumihkin wants Raskolnikov to come to a party he is having for his uncle - Razumihkin thinks that the painters are innocent
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crime and punishment study guide - Important Facts About...

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