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Silas Marner Notes - Character List: SILAS MARNER - Weaver...

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Character List: SILAS MARNER - Weaver around whom the story revolves. - He is pale and has protuberant brown eyes - He is a simple and humble man, single minded in working for a purpose - his purposes: (1) his religion in Lantern Yard (2) his gold (3) Eppie WILLIAM DANE - "Friend" who betrayed the young Silas in Lantern Yard MOLLY FARREN - Drug addicted, secret wife of Godfrey Cass, with whom she had the daughter later adopted by Silas EPPIE -Daughter of Godfrey Cass and Molly Farren. She was adopted and so named by Silas Marner SQUIRE CASS - Holder of the highest position in Raveloe society, a solid, gruff man of "extravagant habits and bad husbandry", generally lax in family matters GODFREY CASS - Eldest son of the Squire, "a fine, open-faced, good-natured young man" but weak willed, irresolute, and lacking in moral stamina DUNSTAN CASS -Second son of the Squire, a spiteful jeering fellow, thickset, heavy looking, selfish, and dishonst MR. LAMMETER -Tall, erect, dignified gentleman, father of Nancy and Priscilla Lammeter NANCY LAMMETER - The village beauty, delicate and dainty, but efficient and hard working. Although a bit prim and proper, she also is generous and loving to her family and her husband Godfrey PRISCILLA LAMMETER - Talkative elder sister of Nancy, plain but cheerful with good humor and a generous spirit MR. CRACKENTHORP - The rector, who was a "merry-eyed, small feature, gray-haired man" MRS.CRACKENTHORP - The rector's wife, "a small blinking woman, who fidgeted incessantly" MR. OSGOOD - Head of the village's oldest land-owning family, and brother-in-law to Mr. Lammeter MRS. OSGOOD - A lady of some formality in company, but devoted to her Lammeter nieces and quietly proud of her orderly husband
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MR. KIMBLE - The apothecary, country doctor, a thin and agile man "vivacious, clever, almost as devoted to his profession as to his game of cards" MRS.KIMBLE - A stout, double-chinned woman, good natured and proud of her husband's quick wit; sister of Squire Cass BRYCE AND KEATING -Dunstan Cass's fellow hunters DOLLY WINTHROP - The wheelwright's wife and godmother to Eppie. A motherly, comfortable, neighborly goodwife who is hard working and content. She comforts Silas when his gold is taken, helps him raise Eppie and guides him in becoming part of village life AARON WINTHROP - Dolly's youngest son, the honest, hard-working young gardener whom Eppie Marries BEN WINTHROP: - Dolly's husband, the village wheelwright and leader of the church choir, and a regular at the
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Silas Marner Notes - Character List: SILAS MARNER - Weaver...

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