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Silas Marner Notes

Silas Marner Notes - Character List SILAS MARNER Weaver...

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Character List: SILAS MARNER - Weaver around whom the story revolves. - He is pale and has protuberant brown eyes - He is a simple and humble man, single minded in working for a purpose - his purposes: (1) his religion in Lantern Yard (2) his gold (3) Eppie WILLIAM DANE - "Friend" who betrayed the young Silas in Lantern Yard MOLLY FARREN - Drug addicted, secret wife of Godfrey Cass, with whom she had the daughter later adopted by Silas EPPIE -Daughter of Godfrey Cass and Molly Farren. She was adopted and so named by Silas Marner SQUIRE CASS - Holder of the highest position in Raveloe society, a solid, gruff man of "extravagant habits and bad husbandry", generally lax in family matters GODFREY CASS - Eldest son of the Squire, "a fine, open-faced, good-natured young man" but weak willed, irresolute, and lacking in moral stamina DUNSTAN CASS -Second son of the Squire, a spiteful jeering fellow, thickset, heavy looking, selfish, and dishonst MR. LAMMETER -Tall, erect, dignified gentleman, father of Nancy and Priscilla Lammeter NANCY LAMMETER - The village beauty, delicate and dainty, but efficient and hard working. Although a bit prim and proper, she also is generous and loving to her family and her husband Godfrey PRISCILLA LAMMETER - Talkative elder sister of Nancy, plain but cheerful with good humor and a generous spirit MR. CRACKENTHORP - The rector, who was a "merry-eyed, small feature, gray-haired man" MRS.CRACKENTHORP - The rector's wife, "a small blinking woman, who fidgeted incessantly" MR. OSGOOD - Head of the village's oldest land-owning family, and brother-in-law to Mr. Lammeter MRS. OSGOOD - A lady of some formality in company, but devoted to her Lammeter nieces and quietly proud of her orderly husband
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MR. KIMBLE - The apothecary, country doctor, a thin and agile man "vivacious, clever, almost as devoted to his profession as to his game of cards" MRS.KIMBLE - A stout, double-chinned woman, good natured and proud of her husband's quick wit; sister of Squire Cass BRYCE AND KEATING -Dunstan Cass's fellow hunters DOLLY WINTHROP - The wheelwright's wife and godmother to Eppie. A motherly, comfortable, neighborly goodwife who is hard working and content. She comforts Silas when his gold is taken, helps him raise
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Silas Marner Notes - Character List SILAS MARNER Weaver...

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