outline - Write between 4 and 6 typed pages. Use a normal...

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1. In his book, Katrina’s Legacy, Eric Mann issues a call for a third reconstruction. Using his book as your primary (though not necessarily exclusive) guide, provide an analytic overview of the primary dimensions of his scholarly, political, and theoretical project. Some questions you may want to consider would include: What does he mean by this? What are the critical aspects of his call? How does Mann envision such events taking place, and why does he argue they are necessary? How does framing a popular response to hurricane Katrina as a “reconstruction” help or hinder our understanding of the event and its aftermath? How does he incorporate history into his analysis? How does he view black liberation within the context of American history and life? Do you agree or disagree with his core analysis? Please note: Your essay should incorporate the following general guidelines.
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Unformatted text preview: Write between 4 and 6 typed pages. Use a normal font, and double-space. Do not justify margins. Your essay will be graded upon the strength of your argument, your organization, and your analytic depth. You should provide quotes from the text where appropriate. Your answer should be comprehensive, and you should provide clear examples that buttress your argument. Feel free to take any position, but be prepared to defend your position with recourse to the text. Your essay is due at 3PM in the history department, fifth floor of the HSS building. Late exams will be graded down one increment for every day it is late. Outline i. Introduction ii. African Americans usually stepped up to the challenge a. Small scale rebellions in colonial America b. First reconstruction c. Second reconstruction iii. Katrina iv. The challenge v. What needs to be done vi. Conclusion...
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outline - Write between 4 and 6 typed pages. Use a normal...

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