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Practice Quiz 9 Revenue: $100,000 COGS: $10,000 Operating Expenses: $20,000 FC controllable by segment manager: $10,000 FC controllable by others: $10,000 Unallocated corporate costs: $5,000 1. What is the contribution controllable by the manager? 2. What is the contribution controllable by the segment? Company F: 2007 Sales Revenue: $100,000 Units produced and sold: 10,000 Direct Labor Costs: $40,000 Direct Labor Hours: 5,000 3. What is the productivity if its done relating physical outputs to physical inputs?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. a. What is the productivity if its done by relating financial outputs of physical measures of inputs? b. If it says that we need this in terms 2008 dollars and 2007 dollars are worth 1.02 dollars in 2008 due to inflation, what is the 2007 productivity measured in 2008 dollars? 5. Market share is a means of balanced scorecard of which perspective?...
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