Green Beer Day Notes

Green Beer Day Notes - Friday: 5.08 drinks o Saturday: 5.46...

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5. Markers and measures of dependence in smokers Daily cigarette consumption Time to first cigarette of the day Smoking even when ill Smoking more in the morning Difficulty not smoking in no smoking areas Review on your own: Nicotine Models Alcohol: A gallon of natural light has 1013.33 calories Long Island Iced Tea has 208 calories Definition of a standard drink: o A drink can be defined as “one bottle of beer, once ounce of liquor, or a 4-ounce   glass of wine .” Some Miami Stats: o According to the national sample 83% drink, but 98.3% of Miami students report having  ever tasted alcohol o On average, students report drinking 1.99 drinks a week o They drink 5.22 drinks on average per drinking occasion o During the last 30 days, they averaged a high of 8.75 drinks (highest drinking occasion) o Monday: .42 drinks o Tuesday: .32 drinks o Wednesday: .99 drinks o Thursday: 2.98 drinks
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Unformatted text preview: Friday: 5.08 drinks o Saturday: 5.46 drinks o Sunday: .56 drinks I. Who Drinks? a. 52 % of people in the US (age 12 and older) b. Men > Women c. White > Hispanic, African American, Asian American i. Native Americans drink more than Caucasians d. Higher Education > lower education e. 79% of high school seniors have tried alcohol • Group Activity: What problem drinking? o Addiction o Negative affects on daily functions o Make excuses for drinking o Drinking more than averages o Interfering with psychological and physical well being o Drinking alone o Drinking during the day o Driving under that influence II. Health consequences of Alcohol Use a. Liver damage i. Cirrhosis b. Negative effects on the brain i. Karsocoff Syndrome: trouble producing certain speech c. Some types of cancer d. Negative effects on growing fetus e. Unsafe sex, drunk driving, and accidents...
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Green Beer Day Notes - Friday: 5.08 drinks o Saturday: 5.46...

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