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Cum. Ques. for Final - PHS 276 The Meaning of Leisure...

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PHS 276 The Meaning of Leisure Cumulative Question for Final (15-20% of the final exam; one will be randomly picked at the exam) 1. In this course we’ve read and talked extensively about gender, social class, race/ethnicity, and age and how these social identities both shape and are shaped by leisure. Tell me how you think differently now (at the end of the semester) than you did at the beginning of the semester about at least 2 of these social identities in relation to leisure. In answering this question fully discuss at least 4 different ideas, concepts, and/or theories from the book, lectures, or Current Issue research Article Summaries. You must be specific with the information you discuss and develop your ideas. At the beginning of the semester I didn’t realized how much gender and race/ethnicity effects leisure. I knew that it somewhat affected an individual’s leisure, but I guess I didn’t realize how much of an impact it had, and that these identities shape what leisure activities people do. Gender is learned at an early age, through our play. Because of the difference in girls and boys play, Lever maintains that boys are better prepared for and have advantages when they enter economic roles (employment). Boys learn skills valued in this setting. In, contrast girl’s play prepares them better for domestic roles. This matters because in reality, more women work either by choice or because they have to (single, divorced, economic provider because husband is incapable of finding a job). Looking at the research article found in the
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Cum. Ques. for Final - PHS 276 The Meaning of Leisure...

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