Sport-chap. 18

Sport-chap. 18 - Sport – Chapter 18 of Freysinger&...

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Unformatted text preview: Sport – Chapter 18 of Freysinger & Kelly Discussion Questions Question for all: Do you play/participate in any sport - either as an athlete or spectator? If not now, in the past? Why do/did you participate? If you do/did not participate, why not? 1. How are the majority of adults in North America involved in sport? What sport has the highest total attendance and why? Majority of adults in North America participate in sports by watching them on TV. Baseball has to highest total attendance. This is because the number of games there are in a year and the number of teams there are; it available. 2. In the over 25 years since the passage of Title IX, by how much has high-school females participation in sport increased? How and why are social class and race related to sport participation? In the 25 years since passage of Title IX, females (high school) participations in sport has increased by almost 700%. Social class influences availability (because lower income communities are less likely to have facilities for some sports) and money for sport participation. As for race, stereotypes of different races being “better at” some sports and not others strongly influences participation. To the extent that races is related to social class, then that same constraints of class exist for race as well. 3. What is the general trend in sport participation with increasing age? What 2 sports are the exceptions to this trend? With increasing age, sport participation decreases. This is because of stereotypes or social expectations of those who are no longer chronologically young, ability (injury, chronic conditions), time (other roles and responsibilities), and opportunities. The 2 sports that are exceptions to this trend ware golf and and opportunities....
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Sport-chap. 18 - Sport – Chapter 18 of Freysinger&...

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