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Stephanie Warner Summary New research has found that busy office workers who exercise during the day are in better moods at work. They are less likely to do things such as erupt at co-workers and slam down the phone. Researchers studied 200 workers at three different places. Workers were allowed to pick whatever workout they wanted. Six out of ten workers said that their time management skills and ability to meet deadlines improved when they exercised. The people who exercised went home feeling better about them selves and thought there day went better. The type of exercise didn’t matter, the same results were found regardless of duration of exercise or intensity. Participants also were supposed to rate there moods in the morning and afternoon. Because exercise is energizing, all the participants said that there moods were improved after exercise. Participants also said that exercising made them deal with pressure and demands at work better. They said that they were able to cope with their drawbacks as
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