Assignment #6 - Stephanie Warner PHS 184 A Rack 9 April...

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Stephanie Warner PHS 184 A Rack 9 April 2007 Assignment #6 1. Collegiate Varsity Football Summer Camp Monday Justification/ Rational 7:00am Wake-up 7:30am Breakfast 9:00am Offense lift and stretch for 60 minutes. Do bench press, Incline bench, barbell curl, shrugs, lat pull down, close-grip bench, dumbbell rows, T- bar rows, 3-way dumbbell raises, wrist curls, pushups and Ab work. Followed by dynamic stretching. Defense watch films for 60 minutes. Switch off so you have more less people in the weight room. 10:00am Defense lift and stretch for 60 minutes, Offense watch films for 60 minutes Film watching helps players learn the plays. Verbal Instruction 11:00am Free Time 12:00am Lunch 2:00pm 5 minutes of stretching. Each division breaks up into different parts of the field. Led by the seniors. Verbal Instruction and Demonstration. 2:05pm Conditioning Tests. Intervals. Each individual sprints across the field under 18 seconds. Does this 10 times with 25 seconds rest in- between. Then for the next 10 times has to be under 19 seconds with 40 seconds of rest in-between. 2:20pm *Regroup 5 minutes. Water break and instruction from coaches. Massed practice. More practice in bigger chunks. 2:25pm Individual practice. Break up and work on individual positions. Work on individual positions and technique. Blocked practice. 3:00pm Pass/Rush for 15 minutes. Offensive and Defensive linesmen go against each other. Quarterbacks work on passing and wide receivers work on catching. blocked practice to get the motor program down then move to random practice 3:15pm *5 minutes water/stretch break and coaches instruction. massed
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Warner 2 practice 3:20pm **Stunt Review for 20 minutes. Coaches call out plays randomly and players get to position and run the play. Random practice. Do this so the players will have to think about what they are doing in each play. 3:40pm Outside linebacker and tight end work with each other for 20 minutes. Work on reach arounds, down blocks, and one-on-one blocking. Rest of the players work on individual positions. Blocked practice to work on getting the motor program down for each type of block. 4:00pm **25 minutes of seven-on-seven. Rotate players every three plays. random practice so players are not just going through the motions and have to actually remember the different plays 4:25pm **30 minutes of team period. Whole offense vs. whole defense teams. Rotate players every three plays.
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Assignment #6 - Stephanie Warner PHS 184 A Rack 9 April...

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