Reflective Essay - English 112 28 April 2006 Reflection...

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English 112 28 April 2006 Reflection Paper Dear Lindsey, Over my freshman year of college, I think I have really developed my writing skills. Much of this development has been from my English 111 and 112 classes. Both classes taught me new ways to look at writing, and added to my own writing style. In English 111 I learned how to use logos, ethos, and pathos more effectively in my papers to bring the audience to a whole new level in my paper. In English 112 I learned how to effectively analyze literature, and cite it in a flowing way in my paper. Looking at my first paper I wrote this semester and then comparing it to the last paper I wrote, I can see a difference in the style and an improvement in my writing. In my “Story Time” paper, I had many grammatical errors. I did not keep the same tense throughout the paper. “I could not go to sleep unless I got a story read to me…All of the books that I listen to we had read hundreds of times already” (Story 1). I also had a lot of problems with placing commas in the right places. As I look at my “The New Fairy Tale” paper, I can see that I have fixed many of these problems. I do not use “that” excessively, and most of my errors in my paper are not grammar based. Although I have improved in
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This essay was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course ENG ENG 112 taught by Professor Perkins during the Spring '06 term at Miami University.

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Reflective Essay - English 112 28 April 2006 Reflection...

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