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Personal Inventory - I love to read and if I had more time...

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Stephanie Warner English 112 Kim Perkins 11 January 2006 Personal Reading Inventory My favorite kinds of tests to read are fiction books. I like these because they do not limit your mind. Fiction lets a reader’s imagination run as far as it wants to go, because it is not based on anything that actually happened. I think I have a greater imagination because I have read so many fiction books and let my mind stretch. Usually when I decide I want to read I go to a comfortable place that is quiet. I can’t read in a loud, noisy environment because there are just too many distractions pulling me away from the book. I also like to be in a comfortable place because I will probably be there for hours upon hours, and if where I am sitting is not comfortable then I will not want to read for very long.
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Unformatted text preview: I love to read and if I had more time I would read a lot more than I do now. Time is the number one thing that prevents me from reading. During school I have way too many other things going on for me to be able to sit down and read a book I want to read. I think the reason why so many people hate to read is because they were not nurtured to read, they were forced. For instance, I like to read and I think that is because my mom would have story time with me every night before I went to bed, when I was young. Although I do not like being forced to read books, in my spare time you will probably find me somewhere comfortable reading a book of my choosing. I think the people that were not read to as children are the ones who hate to read....
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