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Writer's Memo Autoethnography - have gone through I...

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Stephanie Warner Professor Davis English 111 9 September 2005 Writer’s Memo Writing this essay for my college freshman English class was something that was pretty hard for me. I had to look at my life and find something cultural about myself, when I have always thought of myself as just your average person. You know the person who doesn’t really stand out. I always thought that there was nothing too exciting about my life, but even that is a culture within itself. As I thought about all the experiences I
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Unformatted text preview: have gone through I realized that those memories and experiences are what form my culture. They are what make me different from everyone else. This essay is just one part of my culture. I hope my essay shows you a little bit about whom I am and where I come from. I also hope that my essay will inspire you to think about your culture and how the environment that you are in forms who you are....
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