Analyzing Narative Assignment Long Paper #1

Analyzing Narative Assignment Long Paper #1 - Stephanie...

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Stephanie Warner English 112 Kim Perkins 23 March 2006 Writer’s Memo The purpose of this paper was to show how the author used the element of brotherhood to develop the character of Amir, and drive the plot of the story. I analyzed how and why the author presented different, and often conflicting, points of view about brotherhood. This paper was difficult for me to write. I had to find all the different times brotherhood was referenced and who held the viewpoint of brotherhood at that time. Then I had to see how that viewpoint affected the different characters in the novel. I think I did a good job at bringing out my major points and incorporating quotes that fit what my paper was trying to accomplish. The theme of my paper is cohesive and the ideas I brought up parallel with the quotes I chose to use. The thing I struggled with the most when writing my paper was tenses. I tend to switch my tense within the paper, which makes it confusing for the reader. I also had a really hard time expanding my conclusion and not repeating things I already wrote. Finally, I had a hard time wording my thoughts out into something that was clear for my audience to read. I think I have improved, though, and I know the revision process brought my attention to the things I personally need to work on in my writing. Brotherhood “There [is] a brotherhood between two people who have fed from the same breast, a kinship that not even time [can] break” (Hosseini 11). Brotherhood is a strong element, which runs throughout The Kite Runner . Khaled Hosseini presents this understanding of brotherhood in
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Warner 2 a couple different ways in his novel. He uses different characters, actions, and thoughts to present the idea of kinship to his audience. The element of brotherhood is important to the story because it is one of the driving factors in the plot. Hosseini uses these different aspects to describe brotherhood, which ultimately develops the character, Amir, and drives the plot of the story. The first point of view the audience receives about brotherhood and what it means is when Ali describes the concept to Amir and Hassan. Ali says, “There is a brotherhood between people who have feed from the same breast, a kinship that even time can’t break” (11). Ali says this to Amir and Hassan because they were fed from the same breast. He is explaining to them exactly how strong there relationship should be. The actions of Hassan throughout the story reflect to the audience that he holds this image of brotherhood too. This point of view is at the beginning of the story, when the author is introducing the audience to all of the characters and
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Analyzing Narative Assignment Long Paper #1 - Stephanie...

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