Long Paper #3 Outline

Long Paper #3 Outline - 1. Pinocchio as a homosexual. 2....

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Stephanie Warner English 112 Lindsey Milillo 12 April 2006 Outline for Paper #3 Monsters and Dialogue I. Introduction A. Introduce Dialogues and how a fairy tale can be in dialogue with its social/ historical environment, B. Brief summary of “Shrek” C. The fairy tale “Shrek” is in dialogue with its social and historical environment. II. Body A. How “Shrek” is a fairy tale. a. Elements of a fair tale. b. How Shrek” fulfills the elements. B. The pop culture of today. a. MTV’s influence on the teen culture. b. Values and ways people are entertained in today’s society C. How “Shrek” is in dialogue with today’s culture. a. Different character’s represent different stereotypes
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Pinocchio as a homosexual. 2. Donkey as an African American. 3. Puss in Boots as a Mexican. Warner 2 b. What the move says about women and how it’s the same as how today’s society views women. 1. Fiona and how she is forced to marry someone. 2. Fiona standing up for herself. 3. Fiona’s two facades. c. Different actions of the character are mimicking other things from today’s society, that wouldn’t be in the movie if it was made 100 years ago. 1. Matrix moves done by the princess. 2. Disney World and other Disney Movies. 3. Burger King. III. Conclusion....
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Long Paper #3 Outline - 1. Pinocchio as a homosexual. 2....

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