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Short Paper #3 Outline - a Talk about how he created her to...

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Stephanie Warner Lindsey Milillo English 112 30 March 2006 Short Paper #3 Outline I. Introduction A. Introduce Monsters as Metaphors. B. Thesis: In the short story Rappaccini’s Daughter the characters of the story create a monster which represents a clear metaphor. II. Body A. Explain how Beatrice is the monster of the story. a. How she affects those around her. b. What her feelings are. B. Dr. Rappaccini created Beatrice.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Talk about how he created her to be how she is. b. Other monster’s he created. c. Society plays in the role of her being a monster. C. Metaphor for what Beatrice as a monster represents D. The purpose of the monster in this story. a. What the metaphor does in the text b. What the metaphor says to the reader c. Talk about what the metaphor says about society. III. Conclusion...
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