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Stephanie Warner ZOO 161 LAB AB Shweta Nayar October 3, 2006 Noise Pollution Excessive exposure to noise pollution can have major effects oh your hearing and health. Noise pollution is the blame for hearing loss and about 1/3 of the hearing impaired. Loud noises can damage the hairs on the hair cells in the ear and when they become too exposed they lose there ability to move. There is no cure for this. Sounds over 60 decibels are judged as intrusive. The occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set 85 db as the sound safety limit for 8 hours of exposure. The louder the sound is the shorter the amount of time it takes to damage the ear. A temporary threshold happens when you hear a loud noise and your ears are ringing or everything feels like it’s underwater. This is a sign that some of the hair cells in the inner ear were damaged. There are plenty of social affects. Hearing a loud noise can make it difficult to converse with someone. It is expected for the elderly to have hearing lose, but an
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Unformatted text preview: alarming number of younger people have hearing lose due to loud music. This can affect society, because people generally like to walk to class, study, or drive there car with loud music. Also people will have to be careful at loud concerts. Some of the environmental effects are on animals. Many animals can have there ears damaged from noise pollution, such as farm animals. This in turn can affect the live stock because eventually they will not be able to hear the master telling them what they need to be doing. There are plenty of economic effects. For one the hearing aid companies prosper because more people are going to need hearing aids. Also if more people become aware of noise pollution, concert sales and mp3 players could go down. Also earplug companies can prosper because more people will buy earplugs to prevent the noise of mowing the lawn, vacuuming, and attending a rock concert....
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