Lab #3 - frustrate them. Just make sure to keep your...

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Stephanie Warner PHS 184 LAB C Ms. Jessica Russell 5 February 2007 Lab #3 Report Parent #1: You’re child will be able to begin competing in high school volleyball when they are a freshman in high school. This does not mean that they cannot start playing volleyball earlier. I actually encourage your children to start learning the skills of volleyball at a younger age so that they will have the skills needed for high school volleyball. Parent #2: The best thing you can do with your three year old is to have her be active in multiple sports. Intensive specialization in one sport before 8 years of age has no lasting effect. Each child is different and will like different things, and everyone has different time periods when they learn different skills. Learning occurs at the greatest efficiency when the child is biologically, sociologically, and psychologically ready to learn that skill. Basically you should not push your child to learn a skill early, to gain some sort of advantage, because this will not do your child any good, and will more than likely
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Unformatted text preview: frustrate them. Just make sure to keep your daughter active and by doing that you need to be a role model and live an active lifestyle too. Parent #3: Every child matures differently. Some mature faster and other slower, which puts both types at advantages and disadvantages in sports. The ones that mature quicker, and excel in certain sports early could end up plateauing in their ability once the other children their age catch up. These children then could end up being worse than the late Warner 2 developers. The children who develop and mature late could end up being the stars in high school, once they have matured and developed, but you would never know this if you cut them early. No child is fully developed and matured by the age of 10. Most children do not develop their vision fully until 12 years of age. If you cut children who at the age of 10 you could be cutting children that have the potential to be great in this sport....
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course KNH 184 Lab taught by Professor Russell during the Spring '07 term at Miami University.

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Lab #3 - frustrate them. Just make sure to keep your...

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