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Stephanie Warner Critical Reading #6 After reading the chapter “From National to World Religion” and reflecting upon the lectures and the biblical readings, write a 1 page essay identifying the problems created for the ancient Israelite by the destruction of the Temple and the subsequent exile. How did the people deal with this problem? How does this connect with the development of ancient Israelite religion, Yahwism, from a local religion to a universal one, the beginnings of formative Judaism? There were many problems created for ancient Israelite by the destruction of the Temple and the subsequent exile. The ancient Israelite became under the rule of the king of Assyria. He was definitely not a good king. He did expand the kingdom but he made alliances with all the wrong people. They began worshiping other gods. Because the north separated from the south a huge religious and political battle happened. This caused more problems for the ancient Israelite nation. The Israelites had always been told that their land would never be conquered, because God would not allow it. When there land became conquered and there temple was destroyed and they were put into exile,
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