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Stephanie Warner ZOO 161 LAB AB Shweta Nayar November 14, 2006 Kidney Stones Kidney stones have many health impacts. Kidney stones are formed from excessive amounts of calcium in the urine. They are excreted through the urinary tract. Somewhat larger stones may cause considerable pain during their journey through the urinary tract. The sharp edges of the large stones may gouge into the walls of the ureters and sometimes the urethra. The pain is called renal colic, and is comes in waves that may cause the person to double over. Pain may be localized in the back or pelvic area, often to one side. Nausea, vomiting, and chills accompany the pain, and blood may appear in the urine. Even more serious problems arise in the kidneys or ureters, blocking the flow of urine. This can cause high internal pressure which can seriously damage the nephrons and impair kidney function. There are also many economic impacts. The removal of large kidney stones is an expensive process because of the surgery. This helps out the hospitals. There is a new
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