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Stephanie Warner PHS 184 Section A Cynthia Rack 23 April 2007 Expert Paper An expert is someone who has a very high degree of skill in something. Becky Search is a senior on Miami University’s Senior Synchronized Skating Team. Just recently the Miami’s Team went to the ISU World Championships and placed second. This is the highest a USA team has ever placed in a world competition. Miami’s Team is the only team in the USA to get a medal from a world championship in synchronized skating, and Miami brought home three medals, which shows that the Miami’s team is extremely good. Anyone on Miami’s team could be considered an expert in synchronized skating. Synchronized skating is a sport that consists of 12-20 athletes skating on the ice at one time moving as one flowing unit at high speeds. For a team to flow in unison, individuals must be competent at a variety of skating skills. The team performs a program to set music, with required formations. Teams are required to perform difficult step sequences involving a number of complicated turns. In Junior and Senior divisions, teams are required to perform two different routines; a short program and a free-skating program. Generally the short program is more technical in nature, whereas the free- skating has a longer time limit giving more opportunity to showcase expression, emotion, and interpretation. Teams in the senior division are also permitted to perform lifts in the
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Warner 2 free-skating involving 2 or more people that can be extended overhead to a full arm
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Expert Paper - Stephanie Warner PHS 184 Section A Cynthia...

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