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Discussion Question - help more people I think in order for things to change there needs to be more than one person who thinks a change is needed

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Stephanie Warner PSY 242 C Dr. Dave Knight 29 November, 2007 Discussion Question #10 Many believe that the field of “mental disorders” is in chaos, that public monies are misspent, that people are poorly helped or even harmed by our inventions. What need to change? Our laws? Our policies? Our diagnostic system? Our practices? Our beliefs? Our minds? How can change be encouraged? I think all of these things could use some change. There are plenty of flaws in the legal system that let people go free that really shouldn’t be. The policies are flawed which ultimately leaves people untreated that need to be treated. The diagnostic system could use some tweaking because it is now outdated in some aspects, and it other aspects we overuse and over diagnose disorders and people. The same goes with some practices we use. I think that some of the practices need to be re-evaluated and maybe we could come up with better ways of treating people so they are not harmed, and then our practices can
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Unformatted text preview: help more people. I think in order for things to change there needs to be more than one person who thinks a change is needed. Once there is a group of people who are willing to make some changes for the better, only then will we see improvements in the field of “mental disorders”. Another way change could be encouraged is if people become informed more about the “mental disorders” field, then they would see what different problems are happening and will want to do something about it. I think making people more aware of mental illness could help encourage change. I feel like many people are not aware of the different disorders and don’t know the different polices or legal things that involve mental illness, and if more people knew what was going on they would want things to change for the better....
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