Sex Signals - were going to go. Then as the show went on...

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Stephanie Warner 28 February 2008 Sex Signals Sex Signals , put on by MARS, was a high energy comedy show that touched on topics dealing with sex, stereotypes, communication with the opposite sex, and sexual assault. This show engaged the audience in a discussion on dating and realities of date rape. The actors challenged us to provide solutions to improve communication in intrapersonal relationships, in various situations you could find yourself in with the opposite sex. I really liked how Sex Signals structured the show. They made the entire feel of the show, almost like how it is when a person goes through a date rape. 85% of rapes happen between two people that know each other. In these cases, the two people are hanging out having a good time, and one person goes just a little too far, then the next thing you know a rape has occurred and someone is hurt. This is exactly how the cast did the show. They started out with high energy, and cracking jokes, getting the audience to laugh, and keeping things pretty light. At first they let us choose how the scenes
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Unformatted text preview: were going to go. Then as the show went on the cast took our wants into less consideration. They gave us little signs that said stop and told us that if we felt uncomfortable we could hold them up and they would stop the scene, but they did not stop when the first sign went up. The scene only stopped when the actors decided to stop it. Still keeping the show light they went into another skit, but this time the skit became serious, and it got into some heavy material. This is analogous to what can happen in a date rape. All of a sudden things go too far, and someones consent is taken away. In a sense, the cast of Sex Signals date raped the audience. They let us see how it feels, so then we could talk through it and come up with ways to prevent these kinds of situations. Overall, I think the show was very good because it brought up some hard topics that are not always talked about and let people openly discuss and talk about them....
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Sex Signals - were going to go. Then as the show went on...

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