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Rhetorical Analysis - Stephanie Warner Professor Davis...

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Stephanie Warner Professor Davis English 111 9 December 2005 Rhetorical Analysis Being healthy is at a rise in the United States. Over the years many people have come up with new ways for people to become healthier and fit. There have been numerous exercises, diets, pills, and drinks to make people magically healthier. Things such as Slim Fast Diet, South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, The Ab Roller, Bow-Flex, Yogalaties, Tae-Bo, Meridia (Sibutramine), Xenical (Orlistat), Adipex, Bontril, Didrex, Phentermine and Tenuate. Now that there are so many things to try out there, experts such as author Jim McKenna, a professor of the psychical activity and health at Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K., Self Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine, and Dr. I-Min Lee, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard medical School in Boston who studies the effects of exercise, are coming up with new ways to get people to actually go exercise. Some of the new ways they are coming up with are taking yoga or aerobics classes, strength training, playing pick-up basketball games, using the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away for stores so you get more walking in, and other various things like these. MSNBC recently wrote an article on physical exercise and how it can boost your job performance. MSNBC starts the article out with a catchy phrase to get people to read it. “Drowning at work?” Rhetorical questions automatically catch reader’s eyes because it sets credibility with them. Employed people see this question and know that if they read
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on they will have an answer to their problem of drowning at work. This subject also appeals to many employees because of the recent boom in being healthier, and the fact that there are numerous people in the workforce. MSBNC tells the audience that exercising a little bit each day can make you more productive at work. When the audience reads it, it makes them see how they can kill two birds with one stone. People are always trying to get ahead in life and looking for shortcut ways to do that. If they can exercise a little bit everyday, then they are slowly becoming healthier. According to the
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Rhetorical Analysis - Stephanie Warner Professor Davis...

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